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Roles in worship: prayer Andrew Walker 15 January 2020 45 mins
Dealing with addiction Chris Peel 11 Dec 2019 37 mins
Dealing with depression Chris Peel 9 Oct 2019 54 mins
Ezra, the ready scribe Roger Varley 28 Sep 2019 91 mins
A better sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 9) Andrew Walker 29 May 2019 46 mins
Contraception, abortion and the Bible Andrew and Christine Walker 24 Apr 2019 41 mins
Romans 2. "God shows no partiality": the universal need (Romans 1-3) Graham Jackman 9 Jan 2019 44 mins
Romans 1. Introduction: what is Romans about? Graham Jackman 2 Jan 2019 39 mins
Peter: from fisherman to shepherd Andrew Bramhill 3 Nov 2018 75 mins
Dealing with the generation gap David Dunstan 29 Aug 2018 34 mins
Inspiration - the human element Tim Palmer 14 Feb 2018 53 mins
The iPM programme referred to at 46'30" can be heard
on the BBC Radio iPlayer here.
George MacDonald 6 May 2017 55 mins
What do we know about Pontius Pilate? Mike Ball 10 Jun 2015 43 mins
Stories and story-telling (2) Graham Jackman 26 Aug 2014 42 mins
Gospel of John: “We beheld his glory” (1:14) Graham Jackman 30 Apr 2014 46 mins
Gospel of John: Father and Son Graham Jackman 23 Apr 2014 48 mins
Music good and bad (with discussion) Jeff Eitel 24 Jul 2013 49 mins
Unleashing the mind Mark Vincent 15 Feb 2012 43 mins