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We are fundraising for the Meal-a-Day charity, by doing a 10 km run, walk, cycle or scoot along the Thames in Henley.

Meal-a-Day is a Christian charity which supports projects across Africa from helping set up water supplies to education.
Complete 10 km for charity
26 August - 2 September 2023
100k for Meal-a-Day

During Henley Bible Week, join our fundraising activities – or sponsor someone who is!

We are fundraising for Meal-a-Day by completing 100k for Meal-a-Day! We would love everyone to complete 10km. You can run, walk, cycle or scoot – whatever you can do to help raise funds for Meal-a-Day.

Meal-a-Day's mission is to share the blessings we receive from God to help those who are in real need in the less developed parts of the world. Meal-a-Day supports sustainable ‘down-to-earth’ projects that focus on supporting vulnerable children, the provision of clean water, agricultural skills, basic health care and education, and a meal a day.

The charity is run by the Christadelphian community and each of its trustees and officers give their time and expertise free.

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