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Exhibitions about the world's most famous book
Venue: Henley Town Hall & King’s Arms Barn
Date: 25 August
 – 2 September 2023*
Time: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm each day
Free entry · Guided tours · Children's activities
Explore the Bible
*Town Hall Exhibition opens at 1 pm on Friday 25 August and closes at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 29 August.
King's Arms Barn Exhibition opens at 9 am on Wednesday 30 August and closes at 12 noon on Saturday 2 September.

Discover how the Bible came to us
* How God’s Word has been passed down through the ages
* How the Bible has been translated into 100s of languages

Discover why we can trust the Bible
* How the Bible links with world history
* How predictions in the Bible have come true

Discover its message for you
* How the Bible helps to answer life’s toughest questions
* How the Bible is relevant in the modern world

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