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The Rainbow Fish Play

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

It was a dark, chilly January evening in lockdown when nine intrepid teachers set out to achieve what seemed impossible: to record a Sunday School play on Zoom. Lockdown had been extended and it was a week before the Sunday School party was due to happen. How were we going to get a play together when no-one was allowed to meet?

Undeterred, we were set a strenuous mission to memorise lines and create sea life costumes, the orchestrator of the whole production (Anna) being quite confident that it could be done. Using anything from glitter to CD discs, and from foil to balloon tassels, the teachers set about making their costumes. A sense of desperation set in as Tuesday approached and Mel was still colouring in her fish, but the other teachers spurred her on…

Finally, the evening came. The participants had finished painting, sticking and rehearsing their lines and everyone got ready to get their show face on. Without any idea of what the finished production would look or sound like, having not rehearsed it altogether, Anna valiantly directed the cast from Twyford – including Iain the Puffer Fish, Ruth the little blue fish, Jeff the yellow fish, Christine the Rainbow fish, Mel the grey fish, Helena the wise old Octopus and Ben the Starfish.

Rosemary, the narrator’s soothing voice, helped the cast to get into the groove, whilst everyone tried to work out how not to disappear into the underwater background. There was singing, laughing, and even dancing (Ben’s Starfish dance was unscripted but brought the house down) and Christine was a complete star in managing to pass the rainbow scales to the other fish despite not knowing whether they were above, below or next to her on the screen.

After some amazing editing by Anna, the final production was revealed to roars of acclaim. Everyone agreed there had never been anything quite like it before! Thanks to all of the teachers for pulling out all the stops to put the production together, and thanks to all who supported and helped with the making of The Rainbow Fish Play.

Helena and Carys Willey

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