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Musical evening with a Christmas feel

Our Musical Evening was originally planned for March 2020 - and then lockdown happened. The plan was that people from surrounding churches would come and perform some musical items - the choice was up to them - and we would perform some items too. We had been practising for weeks, but at the last minute it was cancelled.

So we rearranged the evening for 11 December 2021. As this was in the run-up to Christmas, it was a good chance to include some carols, as well as the items we had prepared earlier. But December turned out to be a problematic time - people were busy or sick or otherwise prevented from coming. And the arrival of the Omicron variant threatened to defeat us again. But all was well - and the government even said that it was fine to sing without masks - perhaps recognising what a healthy activity it is for body and soul.

Several people attended at our church, but others living further away were able to join on Zoom (Zoom is one benefit from the pandemic!). The Reading singers were boosted by members from Oxford and Bracknell. And we also had items from Newbury and Maidenhead, some of them live and some of them as videos. And we also included some hymns and carols for everyone to join in with. And there were mince pies in the interval - a nice start to the Christmas celebrations.

The video shows the singers performing "Angels o'er the sleeping earth", words by Catherine Morgan, music by David Dunstan (both Christadelphians), and available in the Orange Worship Book.

Angels o’er the sleeping earth

Sang their praise at Jesus’ birth.

Shepherds worshipped as he lay

Cradled in a bed of hay.

Wise men, come from east afar,

Hither guided by a star,

Bowed the holy babe to greet,

Laid their treasure at his feet.

May Christmas be a time of peace and renewal as we remember the greatest Christmas gift of all - the gift of God's Son, who came to bring light and life to all men.

David Dunstan

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